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Asbestos Testing

If you're needing to know if materials in your home may contain asbestos our staff can provide same day turnaround of testing on any material.

Regardless of where it is our highly trained staff will be able to identify and risk assess any materials containing asbestos within your home.

Pre Purchase Property Inspections

If you're thinking about buying your dream home this assessment should be conducted prior to your purchase. In some cases you could potentially be buying a home that could be hazardous to your and family. We can inspect the property prior to purchase to identify any risks from possible asbestos containing materials 

Residential & Commercial Asbestos Assessments

Residential & commercial assessments can be done prior to any demolition or refurbishment of a structure at a fast affordable turnaround. We also offer services related to the asbestos removal.

Services include, Residential Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Hazardous Material Surveys, Asbestos Management Plans, Pre Demolition Assessments

Asbestos Clearance Inspections

These clearance inspections must be issued after any removal works in Canberra. If the asbestos being remove is classed as friable asbestos air monitoring must be conducted as part of the clearance inspection. We offer both non friable & friable asbestos clearance inspections and have high standards for each of our inspections.

This service is guaranteed to be one of the cheapest and fastest services on offer in the Canberra.

Respirator Face Fits

Mobile unit or in house unit used for fit testing any Respirator. We can visit your workplace to save you & your workers time to ensure your day's work is not interrupted.

Our brand new Porta Count Fit Tester will ensure your workers are not at risk of being exposed to hazardous environments.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal in Canberra must be conducted by a licensed Class A for friable work and Class B for non friable work. 

At Davidson Asbestos Solutions we can provide you with the details for some of Canberra's best asbestos removalists for you to contact.

These contractors always ensure it the job is being done correctly as per the current legislation.

Mould Assessments

Mould effects 25% of the population in which the central nervous system can be effected. For this 25% of the population the side effects cause asthma, skin irritations, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, chronic fatigue, brain fog  & in more serious cases can result in a loss of life.

Is your home a healthy home? We can provide services to determine if there are high levels of fungal growth within your dwelling and provide recommendations on the remediation works required.

Workplace Health & Safety

At Davidson Asbestos Solutions we offer other services relating to the Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) requirements under the WHS Act to ensure our clients are compliant in their specific industry.

Services include, Property Risk Assessments, WHS Audits, Development of Safe Work Method Statements, WHS Risk Assessments

Providing Fast, affordable safety solutions tailored to your workplace